Eyes Cut Open

by Hums In The Dark

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Eyes Cut Open is a concept album with the theme of psychological terror. During the entire album the story Bereft plays out, telling of a kidnapping that does not end well. Each of the four main tracks then tell their own story in the same theme, stories of people put through deeply demanding, but also fundementally perspective-altering, situations.

Originally just meant as yet another of many albums released fairly often for the sake of practice this one took over a year to make, mostly because of scheduling issues with the recording of vocals and at the end complications going under the name of cancer. The added production time however made the mix change a lot (for the better) and allowed for the addidtion of some bonus content.


released January 17, 2015

Writing, Recording, Playing (drums and percussion, guitars, bass, clean vocals and dark backup growl), Mixing, Mastering, and original cover image - Oskar Kristensson

Writing help on Eyes Cut Open and Summer - Alexander Johnsen

Guitar on ambient for all Bereft tracks - Adrian van den Broëck

Some ambient field recordings including water on Bereft Part 4 - Jacob Romano

General advice and help with writing and mixing/mastering as well as emotional support and a really nice piano sound - Victor Engström

Good friendship and fancy pants - Vile Hartman

Bright (lead) growl vocals (and some clean backup), writing help with lyrics, and all graphical bonus content (including final polish of cover image) - Anton Ehn




Hums In The Dark Sweden

Hums In The Dark is an Experimental/Progressive project with Metal and Rock at its core.

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Track Name: Bereft Part 1
In solitude and darkness he is taken. The light flickers upon a shadow in front of him. It does not speak, it does not bend, and slowly moves closer.

Just before a glove covers his mouth he lets out a scream of fear, growing ever distant in the night, but the trees stand guard and keeps it from finding a saviour.
The footsteps of the devil are almost all that is heard, and a light scraping of his prey follow into the void. Scraping, steps, dirt, and dust.
Track Name: Eyes Cut Open
A vision of clarity
Comes with the division of view

Nothing but the projected thoughts
When the blind arise and alter this life

And in the caves of our minds our demons awaken
An open throat scream at our indifferent world

Torn from flesh, a timeless decay
Unto the stream of inexistence
Shredded spirit fading away

Are you open to the world around you
Is reality clearer when nothing stands in the way

To whom it concerns the pain is endless
But to those blinded in security this is only passing
Track Name: Winternight Clouds And Dark Gestures
Drawn awake by a loss of breath
Feeding the glow dancing on the tapestry

In his mind a feeling stirs
Something seeping, something strange

An acid stench of ash rising from the bottom floor

Bright notes appear, vibrating in the light

In the depths of his home his mistakes are held high
In here there is peace and clarity

Brought down from his fear and desperate hopes
This death comes expected and without loss

Nothing will be saved for me, all shall be lost
And with reawoken purpose he stares at the abyss
Track Name: Bereft Part 2
Violation at every level keeps the soul at a loss. With every opening door there is growing and waning trust.

Violation at every level keeps the soul at a loss. And when the shadows may fold around you the void seems all you can trust.
With a fading whimper all but knowing escapes you. And the window in your cell seems to bring the stars closer.
With every opening door it may end, and there there is nothing but the ever growing trust.
Track Name: Under The Weight Of Our World
In the midst of the station, shadows of clouds
Sharp, directional lights flow down the track

The fog thickens, her vision now focused
Wether or not she may still live, she lets go

Gone are the dreams she kept too tightly
A scattering echo on the station walls

Steps of desperation by the fence
The air stops moving, a wall of coldness breaks through their path

In the instant the driver can see, this time ends
A lifetime lost in the shadows held dear

She chose not to choose and she holds no fear
As her splattering brain covers the window
All that was her is taken away
Do you reach for her now, when the world has moved on

In a monstruos pace like the train, without a care
Our place corrodes and our choices put aside
Ours will allways dissappear, so will our ideals in time
The broken bones of those fighting out of fear
Track Name: Philosophical Breakdown
The human race is in the midst of many great steps in its evolution.
The way we act among ourselves is changing drastically.
Some cling desperately to the old, some move on forward, and some move around
in the in-between area, disconnected from the flock.

We are corroding our stereotypes, we are changing our society, as we always have.
It's a journey beyond any other that we will truly experience but sadly we will always be forced to only see
a glimps of it all, a frame of reality as it passes us by into the neverending existance.
Track Name: Bereft Part 3
Under the weight of our world even hell must collapse, and with shouting and screaming not one demon lasts.
The running steps of madmen aflame as their reason relapses unto crumbling minds. And there you find hope, among the desperate few men.
You gather the air and let go a muffled scream. With feet on the soil, scraping and hurting. Your soul seems revived and crawling for mercy.
You struggle and pull every limb, every muscle. But the rope still holds, you do nothing but shuffle.
And then the world is torn apart.
Track Name: Summer
Aflame as it tells of my wrongdoing
Without the life which I have chosen

Dragging me down
judging, repeating words

What may escape my broken lips could never comfort them now

So many others would have lived another life or more
Another life for me, another taken, nothing gained

Dragging me down
Visions and memories

I have forsaken
Without reason

And nothing is what remains
So many others would have lived another life or more

Judge me, take me down

Without reason
What is taken is with fear
The inner monologue will not silence

And it screams at me...
Track Name: Bereft Part 4
We're far enough, unsheathe your blade. Ripples and waves as the man is let free.
It all ends with a sigh.

And then time took it all back.